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The Library was founded by Gioacchino Murat in 1811 with the establishment of the Bridges and Roads Application School which would have formed the engineers destined to be recruited into the Corps of Bridges and Roads, also created by Murat in 1808 with the function design and execution of public works in the Kingdom of Naples.

The current office is on the second floor of the Faculty of Engineering, in Piazzale Tecchio.
How to reach us for those arriving from outside the city.

The Library has a reading room on 2 levels and a book vault. The reading area is 588 square meters (343 square meters hall + 245 square meters room) and 228 seats are available.

Volumes: 50.000
Periodicals (total): 1.530
Current periodicals: 130

monday-friday: 8.30-18.30
Consultation of unbound periodicals or those kept in the vault and Antique books
monday-friday: 9.00-13.00
monday-friday: 8.30-18.30
Management Offices
monday-friday: 9.00-13.00

Lucia Ferrara (Director)
Pietro Affinito
Antonio Barone
Domenico Cioffi
Giovanni Manzella
Riccardo Pagnozzi
Anna Sautto
Carolina Varriale

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